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Blue Breezy Tracker
Blue Breezy Tracker

Blue Breezy Tracker

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Don't waste time looking for yourkeys. We have a gps tracker attached to our safety sets!.
Pepper Spray
Kubotan / Shank
Wristlet Keychain
GPS Tracker

Pepper Spray

Powerful burst with multiple blast that reach more than 10 feet 

- Suspect UV Dye  to markmarks the assailant

- Easy to use,Simply turn the safety lock to open in the direction you want to blast and full press down

- Reinforced trigger to prevent accidental discharge

Gps Tracker 
- Supports Phone Functions(IOS & Android) .
- It  has a range  up to 25m with Size: 38x38*7mm
- Excellent in Tracking  Cars, Wallets, Bags or any other valuable items.
Has a built in remote Shutter for Self Portrait