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Pinky Promise V3
Pinky Promise V3

Pinky Promise V3

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Pepper Spray
Personal Alarm w/ Flashlight
Kubotan / Shank
Wristlet Keychain
Stylish  card holder with Tassel
 Personal Alarm
 -Makes a loud sound to draw attention to protect you with a  distances as far as 606.9 ft
-Reliable battery that lasts upto 2 years without replacement, also with LED lights, suitable for emergencies as well as hiking, camping and dog walking at night.

Pepper Spray

Powerful burst with multiple blast that reach more than 10 feet 

- Suspect UV Dye  to markmarks the assailant

- Easy to use,Simply turn the safety lock to open in the direction you want to blast and full press down

- Reinforced trigger to prevent accidental discharge

Stylish Card holder

-Very Convenient & Super Practical can be placed around your arm and keep your hands free with running errands

-Ideal Gift item with Premium Material which is very durable and provides a luxurious look & feel

-Size:  3.5 x 2.8 , holds up to 5 cards. Easy to carry your Credit card, driver's license and some change.